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  The greatest humanitarian act is return justice to those who lost it... Voltaire
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Dar Al-Qanoun / Hani Zahidah and Partners was established in 1996, Dar Al-Qanoun managed through its career to acquire the trust of a majority of clients and customers in a variety of sectors, mainly Information Technology, Industry, Trade, Media and Energy.
Dar Al-Qanoun is managed by Lawyer Hani Zahidah and an experienced staff in all legal fields. Our mission at Dar Al-Qanoun is to fulfill our clients’ legal needs of all kinds.
These legal services include and are not limited to, representing our clients in legal proceedings before courts, Arbitration tribunals, and follow up of any administrative procedures, in addition to the registration of companies services, Intellectual Property Rights registration and protection services, drafting and support services in negotiating contracts and agreements, providing the services of legal consultation, legal research and studies and all other legal services. more...

Why should I call a lawyer?
Regardless of what you do, or your kind of business, at some point you may need legal services provided by a lawyer, and if you are a businessman, you need a law firm that understands the rapid changes in the world of business and finance and is capable of providing services that convoy these changes. So if you, or your business are in need of help, do not hesitate to contact Dar Al-Qanoun, its staff have experience that would guarantee providing distinguished services with easy procedures that fit your needs. more...

Dar Al-Qanoun has always guaranteed to provide the best legal services to its clients, and to facilitate distant communications it has provided several electronic services on its website in accordance to the latest technology and communication systems, to guarantee having all means of communication with its clients.


Start your business in Jordan

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Are you looking for a law firm that provides you full services packages?
Dar Al-Qanoun provides a full services package in establishing companies, Dar Al-Qanoun specializes in establishing companies and following up on all legal procedures until the company has its independent legal entity.